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Learning to love myself again:

I am determined to get out of this rut and find my voice
in spite of analysis paralysis and the overwhelming feelings
of imposter syndrome, mostly due to ADHD and toxic relationships.

Blog Posts

This is where I’ll pour out thousands of random thoughts.  Since I prefer order, I’ll probably sort them somehow… eventually.

Routines – Dishes

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve used the expression, “There’s a method to my madness.” So many people have raised their eyebrows at

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Time Blindness

Studies have been done to prove that Time Blindness is a real issue that can cause someone to “lose track of time.” Most of my

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A Loud Mind

I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to start this blog for a long time. Much like the way I freeze when confronted with a

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Time To Write

Time to Write! What a great test post!  Just imagine all the cool stuff I’ll be sharing soon! Until then, please enjoy this song I

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