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I cannot tell you how many times I’ve used the expression, “There’s a method to my madness.” So many people have raised their eyebrows at the way I confidently follow a specific order to do certain things. For example: 

I know that, at some point in the first half of the day, I should probably eat.  I could buy food, but, even better, I could make something! I don’t like to cook in a dirty kitchen, so I’ll need to clean it first.  I cannot clean until I’ve tidied up and moved things that don’t belong in the kitchen back to their proper home.  Done.  Now, before I wipe down the surfaces, I’ll need a clean kitchen sink.  (Thanks, Fly Lady.  So I do that.  How?  Well, to wash the dirty dishes, I need to have somewhere for them to go.  So I turn to empty the dishwasher, but I need somewhere for those to go.  So I realize I’ll need to put away the clean dishes from the drying rack first.  Once the clean dishes in the drying rack are put away, I can empty the dishwasher.  There’s an order to that too, by the way:

I do this because I’m never 100% sure how full it will be when the dishwasher is finally run.  I prefer to give each piece of silverware its own space to increase the likelihood it comes out clean.  This is why I am so aggravated whenever someone else decides to load the dishwasher with spoons that were actually “spooning.”  I can’t even explain how gross that is to me.

TRIGGER WARNING: Dishwasher Spoons Spooning in the following pic.  I’m not kidding.  It actually makes me a bit queasy, so I assume others react the same way.  Scroll past if it’s too much for you.  If you’re feeling brave, you’ll be relieved to know that I used clean spoons for this picture:

What’s nice about this dishwasher routine is that I decided, a long time ago, that this method makes sense.  I have logical reasoning for each step in the process so I know that the mental energy required for this task is minimal.  Every step, every choice, has already been decided.  So I can “check out” mentally for a few minutes while I’m doing this.  Should my brain already be “on,” I can also use this time to listen to a podcast or an audiobook, which makes the whole process a little more desirable.  Right?  It almost turns it from a chore into a treat.  😉

Anyway… I’m probably starting to feel a little peckish at this point.  I’ve tidied the kitchen, I’ve managed the dishes.  Now, I can scrub the sink clean so that I’m in a good position to have space for the sponge and/or towel I’ll use to wipe down the surfaces in the kitchen.  Yay!

Once the kitchen is clean, I can finally cook breakfast.  I really thought this blog post was going to be about more than how I do the dishes, but I’m 40 minutes and three pages in, so I won’t keep you here any longer.  I’ll change the title from “Routines” to “Routines – Dishes” and be on my way.  Have a lovely day.  I’ll catch you on the flip side!  Mmmmm… Flipping… Maybe I’ll make pancakes…

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